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About Us

SS Educational Institute was established on 2nd July 2008 by Shri Shyama Charitable trust with the vision to provide education in a different innovative and affable learning environment through Discipline and well planned manner to Groom the overall personality of every student to make them eligible to complete with the world and achieve acme of success.

The institute is affiliated to Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar University, Agra and recognised by NCTE, approved by Government and running under Self financing scheme to provide best Analytical, Practical, Innovative and Quality Education to students along with teacher's courses.
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Why SS Educational Institute ?


At SS Educational Institute we have various latest Technologies like Computer Lab, Smart Library and Laboratory.

Best Teacher

We have best teachers in the Agra region for teaching and trained our valuable students for their bright future.

Practical Training

The School have well equipped laboratories for the live practical training in Physics, Biology , Chemistry and many more.

Sports & Fitness

Sports facilities are available including spacious fields & playing courts for different games like football,bollyball and many more.

Our Result

Success Rate

Student Engagement

Certified Tutors

Message From Management

  • On behalf of SS Educational Institute, Malpura Agra I welcome you to the College website. SS Educational Institute, Malpura Agra, Agra is one the oldest institutions of Northern India, established on 2nd July 2008; it has the privilege of producing stalwarts in almost all disciplines and all walks of life. In its glorious 7 years the college has delivered to the society and to the world of knowledge many scholars who have reached the pinnacle in their profession and in the society.

    In the modern world, education means much more than merely acquiring bookish knowledge, rather it is acquisition of all round knowledge and skills, building character and improving employability of our young talent who are the torch bearers of the future. The strong values and traditions of SS Educational Institute, Malpura Agra enable our students to inherit a strong foundation to march ahead and contribute for a stronger and brighter India.

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What our Students says

"Having been to a boarding school myself I wanted the same for my sons, but my wife was adamant that they would go to state schools. They both started at a large local primary but they were almost invisible. They would have coasted through. "

Ajaypal Singh

"Our son moved from another independent school where there were very few boys. He visited SS Educational Institute for a taster day and there was no going back! He had a fantastic day and talked about it non-stop afterwards. "

Ranveer Singh

"As a parent, you work in partnership with the school to give your child the best, well-rounded start in life. Making friends with other parents and getting involved in activities at SS Educational Institute is also always very easy. The school is as welcoming to parents as it is to pupils."

Narendra Singh Chahar