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SS Education Institute has been established at Malpura, Agra on 2nd July 2008 by Sri Shyama Shyam Charitable Trust. It has effective contribution to provide Indian education with young, enthusiastic teachers and managers. SS Education Institute is a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. You will encounter that attitude all around our campus, in education and in management.

An institute initiated to impart quality education to the youth while equipping them with knowledge and skills which would enable them to leave their individual marks in the changing scenario. SS Education Institute strives to create a niche of talented professionals who make meaningful contributions to global environment. Offering academic programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels .

Developing a SS Educational Institure's Personality

At SS Educational Institure, emphasis is laid on developing the personality of the students. This play a very important part in the training given in the school. The co-curricular activities are designed to nuture their holistic growth. These also serve to channelized, emotional and physical enery.

The school organizes a number of variety of activities such as drama, music, singing, debate, Olympiads, painting, drawing, exihibitions. Apart from it, School offers a number of games and sports activities. At the end of it all, the students will have developed a sense of aesthetics and a spirit of adventure and competition.

Our Motto

  • The motto of our School is "LOVE, TRUTH and JOY". All the staff and students of the school are expected to keep the school motto always uppermost in their minds and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in their day to day life.

Our Mission

The mission of the school is to empower all its students to be a problem solvers, users of technology, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supporting and co-operative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario.

The day to day working costs which are being kept extremely low and covered by minimal and rather symbolic schools fees, paid by the parents of the children going to school. Where there is not possible for the parents, school fees are waived off.

Other unavoidable costs of building maintenance and development are met by aid from NSMEASWS (Shri Nahar Singh Memorial Education And Social Welfare Society), and with donations from kind citizens of the country. School aims at taking up other constructive projects in the field of education in the service of society.

The code of Conduct

  • A School is a temple of learning and growth, hence for the smooth functioning of an institution a code of conduct is followed...

         Perseverance is the hallmark of success.
          Study regularly and on daily basis.
          Avoid missing the school and classes.

          Queue-up, properly while moving from one place to another.
          Behaviour should be controlled and restrained.
          Concentrate mind in learning and reading whenever free.
          Do not talk loudly in corridors, classes, and assembly.

    Cleanliness and Hygiene
          Neatness and hygiene are the key of successful individual.
          Maintain notebooks, books and report cards neatly and orderly.
          Use dustbins and avoid littering on premises.
          Spoiling or disfiguring walls and chart papers is bad.
          Never write on desks, walls, and doors.
          Nails and hairs must be well groomed.
          Proper uniform to be worn.
          Uniform to be maintained well.
          Shoes should be polished daily.
          Keep your body clean and hygienic.

          Courtesy to be extended to everyone, including juniors and fellow students.
          Language to be used while interacting with fellows and staff should reflect refinement.
          Words like....'excuse me', 'thank you', 'please', 'sorry', 'could', may be learned to use generously.
          Tender words of praise can prove magical.
          While interacting with seniors and teachers, decorum must be maintained.
          Observing courtesies can prove door opening for beautiful relations.

          Prompt reporting for assembly at 15 minutes in advance of stipulated time.
          Never be late for class.
          Submitting assignments and projects necessarily.

Our objectives

 To provide the students the complete knowledge in the stream of business management & education to achieve their aims.

  To keep the student abreast of all development to make them successful in every field.

  To impart quality education with the help of various modern technologies.

  Uplifting the spirit of social awareness in the students.