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Roll of School Facilities

The school is like a second home to the kids. After a child enters the world of schooling, the child expects a good environment. Within the four walls of the classroom, students explore the world outside it. It is the school environment and infrastructure that impacts a children upbringing to a large extent. School facilities have always had changing needs. To meet the needs of the age, the schools have introduced computer education to the school curriculum. Many subjects are added so that students can have a better exposure to the world. So our most important aim is to provide best facilities to students in college so that they can grow in an efficient and effective manner.

Our Facilities for students

Favourable student-teacher ratio        We believe that every child has his/her own capacity and capability to study, there fore we pride in the student-teacher ration as 30:1 where each child gets is fair share of attention from the educator.

Best placement and setting bench mark        We provide top corporate recruitments and empirical learning through industrial visit, lectures by experts, presentations, seminars, quizzes, tution & industry linked projecrs and co-curricular activities.

Competent faculty the capable course        We provide top corporate recruitments and empirical learning through industrial visit, lectures by experts, presentations, seminars, quizzes, tution & industry linked projecrs and co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular Activities        Competent faculty of SS Educational Institute is its greates strength. The institute is having highly qualified trained & richly experienced faculties to deliver the best education & teaching to the students. They are well equiped with all the desired skills and knowledge.

E-mail/Phone Servicing        By SMS service we will provide information to parents about their ward. They can have an update of various activities of their ward and homework assingment on daily basis in school.

Play ground        The istitute has a play ground for indoor and outdoor games for the total development of students The lush green and healthy atmosphere will help them to grow physically and mentally.

Computer Lab

  • Now-a-day computer is a prominent part to every field. In keeping with the times, Nemi Chand Educational Academy offers the facility of the full function and ell-equipped Computer lab of 50 Computers. In the Computer lab of Nemi Chand Educational Academy students learn many programmes, Micro Soft Word, Micro Soft Excel, Note Pad, Word Pad, Paint, and Power Point according to the class level.

    Computer education begins right from Nursery and goes up to class XII. In the lower classes, computers will also be used as a means to learn other subjects. The Computer labs will also facilitate senior students to acquire programming skills.

    Computer labs will offer a lot of scope for all children to acquire hands - on training. The School has a well developed computer centre with first-rate machines. Top-notch IT facilities allow students to surf the internet. Instructors and faculty members are available to help students to learn and use computer extensively for their learning.

Transport Facility

 The School has vehicles of its own. In addition students can be transported to and from the school through hired vehicles.
 Bus routes are fixed and the students may use available routes convenient to them. Requests for change of route/boarding point will not be entertained.
 The vehicle facilities are extended as a privilege and cannot be claimed as a right.
 Although all precautions are taken for the safety of the students, the School cannot be held responsible for any accident, or injury.
 There is no system of part withdrawal or one way charge.
 In case of undisciplined manner student, he/she may not be allowed to use the school vehicle.
 Transport fee is charged for 11 months only.
 A student who wants to discontinue the use of the school bus must give a month's notice or pay bus fee charges in lieu of notice period.

Smart library

  • No educational institution is complete without a good, well stocked library, nor can education be complete without inculcating healthy reading habits.

    The school has a well stocked, spacious, well lit and ventilated library which houses about 8,000 books on varied subjects. We at Nemi Chand Educationa Academy understand that children have their individual preferences when it comes to reading.

    To ensure that a child gets to read what he likes the school organises on campus exhibitions or sends group of students to Book Fairs in Delhi to select titles which are then added to the library after the necessary review of their appropriateness. Titles range from Reference to subject related. From Philosophy to Religion, Arts and Recreation to English literature and Fiction, from Biographies to Adventure and not to forget Hindi literature and fiction. The library also subscribes to over two dozen magazine and journals